Illuminate Yaletown Installations

In early February 2011, Urban Visuals mounted two installations for Illuminate Yaletown.  Billed as an “Exploration of  Art and Light,” Illuminate Yaletown is an annual lighting festival that takes place in Vancouver’s historic warehouse district, Yaletown, with local and international participants.

Our first installation, Fiction Facades, won second place in the festival. It consisted of  a huge exterior building projection, that spanned the entire 100 foot width of the heritage Yaletown Building. Using custom live mapping software, we were able to create animations and effects that react to the placement of the windows. Objects would fall and bounce around the building facade and make sounds as they bounced off certain objects.

Thanks to AVW/Telav for so graciously  providing the projectors for the installation.

Our second installation, Data Queue, utilized custom LED panels that react and respond to peoples’ movement in and around the installation.

Here is a selection of images of our installations garnered from the Flickr Illuminate Yaletown Photo Contest.

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