Diamond Photo Attache

Here is some documentation from a great project we built for a client that needed a way to quickly and easily get high resolution video of rare coloured diamonds onto the web for an online catalog and auction system.

We designed and built fully self contained “Diamond Photo Attache” to allow the client to seamlessly shoot videos of the diamonds which are automatically uploaded the web masters’ servers for them to incorporate into the database. Additional features included auto naming the the diamonds with drop downs to select their carat value, shape, colour and lot numbers.

The Diamond Photo Attache in its case. Super tough, you could drive over it with a truck!

First layer: 13″ macbook pro

Bottom layer: the camera unit.

Everything out of the case: camera unit on left, macbook pro on right, cables and power supplies on the top

Close up showing the high resolution firewire camera in its stored orientation. Sparkle light to the right of the camera.

Fire up the custom application to control the unit. All hardware, motor and lighting is controlled by the software.

All lights on, with gem mounted on turntable.

Side by side show of the whole system.

Gem on the turntable.

Close up of the software: buttons to control lighting and motor and to capture photos or video. When in video mode, the unit receives feedback from the motor and captures exactly one rotation, so minimal further editing of the videos is required.

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