IMF 2010 Stage show Pacific Coliseum Vancouver

Last weekend we worked with Epic Lighting to create a amazing stage show with sound responsive visuals designed for the annual IMF show at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver. We combined pre produced visuals with pixel accurate sound responsive animations.

Using the Martin LC LED wall system, we had a 16m x 7m screen with nearly 50,000 LEDs. After a quick re alignment of the LED pixel map we were off. The early part of the evening consisted of combining information with generative animations that were programmed in advance. We gradually altered to look and feel of the stage as the show progressed through a record 10 hour performance. At its most complex, the show featured blends of pre produced visuals and real time animation.

Here are a few clips from the audience perspective shot by attendees, excuse the camera work, they must have been excited.

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