St Regis Tower Interactive Model

Urban Visuals created another interactive model control system for the St. Regis development in Las Vegas. The 50 story high rise condo will be located between the Palazzo and the Venetian hotel on the Vegas Strip, and the preview sales centre is in one of the penthouse suites of the Palazzo hotel, overlooking the building site, as well as much of Las Vegas.

The control system uses an Arduino control board and two custom built 256 channel LED control boxes. The Flash based touch interface (built by Lightroom), communicates with a Processing application which sends commands to the ardiuno and the LED controllers.

The fantastic model was built by The Model Shop in Vancouver, and included individual LEDs for each of it’s 422 suites. Each suite can be individually illuminated, as well as each floor, groups of several floors and random suite illumination (as shown). Light animations also light the entire building suite by suite or floor by floor.

The touch screen with the model in the reflection.

Nathan working on the model.

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